Ena Respiratory


Respiratory viral infections are amongst the most common causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide and a significant health burden to patients with underlying chronic illnesses.

Being agnostic to specific viruses or viral variants and considering its safety profile supporting prophylaxis use, INNA-051 has the potential to prevent complications in

  • Patients with comorbidities, incl chronic respiratory diseases (COPD and asthma), diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic kidney disease that are at risk of developing severe respiratory illness and/or
  • Individuals who respond poorly to vaccination because of their age and/or immunosuppressed condition.
  • Individuals at increased risk of exposure to a viral infection due to their activities (Occupational Risk Populations)

Despite available vaccines, individuals 65 and over remain at high risk of complications from viral respiratory infections.

In the US alone, complications of viral respiratory infections led in 2019 to over 1.8m Health Care Provider (HCP) visits and 153,000 hospitalizations among individuals 65 and over, mainly during the winter months.  In 2021, due to the emergence of COVID, these doubled to 3m HCP visits and 315,000 hospitalizations.

Nasal Administration

Being developed for intranasal delivery using a convenient, self-administrated nasal spray to target the preferential site of respiratory virus infections.

No systemic effect, contributing to its safety profile and supporting chronic prophylaxis use.

Boosts the Natural Host Defence Against Viruses

  • Novel, synthetic pegylated TLR2/6 agonist with limited bioavailability
  • Agnostic to specific viral pathogens and not susceptible to viral resistance mutations
  • Pre-clinical validation against influenza, rhinovirus  & SARS-CoV2
  • Fast onset of action (<24h) and durable biologic response supporting weekly dosing
  • Favourable safety profile in non-clinical safety, Phase I and Phase IIa studies, supporting prophylaxis application

Complementary to Vaccination

Designed to be used in conjunction with vaccines for RSV, COVID-19, or/and influenza.

Due to the large number of respiratory viral strains causing morbidity and mortality and vaccine efficacy in certain at-risk populations, prevention cannot however solely rely on vaccine approaches.

Stage of Development

Has been shown in a Phase 2a clinical study to accelerate viral clearance, reduce the duration of infection in humans, and boost the host responses against influenza and IFN Type I & III responses compared to placebo.  Read the media release.

INNA-051 has not been approved by the TGA or any other regulatory agencies and is not available for use in humans outside clinical trials.


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